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Toadying Lithuania and dignified Latvia: who gets more profit from USA?

2012-08-07 11:40 | Important., News | Comments: (6)

„We must be good to the USA, the embassador shall smile us gently“,- as if wants to say Lithuania‘s goverment. Photo by Valentinas Goris

Giedrė Gorienė

First of all Lithuania sold „Mažeikių nafta“ to „Williams“ company – because it was told, that if Lithuania doesn‘t do it, then will not be accepted to the NATO.

Now we have a new „offer“ – old-fashioned General/Electric Hitachi reactor – of the oldest technologies. And we are told, that it is one of the Lithuania‘s „defence plan“ – if Russia attack, americans will defend. Because the reactor will be ours, but also „theirs“.

There are millions of litas being thrown out advertising this reactor GE/Hitachi – reactor of the oldest technologies. The representative person or Hitachi for the same money of advertisment company makes show in the country music festival in Visaginas.

Advertisement company is serious thing – this advertising company is being paid by the country, which will build this reactor of the oldest technologies. All the people are paying for this advertising company from their taxes.

„We must be good to the USA, the embassador shall smile us gently“,- as if wants to say Lithuania‘s goverment.

But where did Lithuania‘s dignity and honour dissapear? Let it be…

The example of Latvia shows us, that to act without such toady actions, as mentioned before, country can get more use and profit instead of being all the time on the knees, kneeling in the Akmenu street in Vilnius in front of the embassy.

Lithuania was so concerned about buying tha unsafe reactor of Hitachi, and the officials from USA embassy where running to the Parliament comittee of economy almost every day,that Lithuania‘s officials didn‘t even know that in Latvia 2 Boeing 747 have landed: one from USA, another – from Afghanistan.

Those Boeings land, then stuff the materials and go back to Afghanistan. Latvia starting from the May earns 25 million Lt every month, while participates in the programme of ISAF (mission of the transportation from Afghanistan).

About Latvia‘s participation in ISAF pro-american Lithuania haven‘t learnt from their special security services (do we have any, when they are concerned only about 6 Chechenian kids?). Latvians called to Lithuania themselves. And asked help in transportation transport and ammunition from Afghanistan, while they don‘t have enough techniques to work with all the materials which are being trasported. Latvia even built new landing trails in the airport for the Boeing 747, as they didn‘t have such trails before.

Just after having learnt that brothers Latvians earn millions of litas in ISAF, Lithuania started asking their friend – USA: our dear friends, Latvia already has flights of Boeing according to the ISAF project, and what about us?

And, of course, when Lithuania was surprised about the actions happening in Latvia, it is easy to understand this reaction: Lithuania is such a good friend of USA, that even buys General Electric/Hitachi reactor of the oldest technologies, so why USA started trasportation from Afganistan through Latvia, and not through Lithuania? And if not Latvian themselves, Lithuania didn‘t even know about Latvia‘s participation in ISAF.

And only after that when Lithuania started demanding their „piece of cake“ in the ISAF (imagine amount of money, which is needed for transporting of 70 000 military cars and about 120 000 containers), USA started negotiation also with Lithuania about Boeing 747 flights from Afganistan to airport of Šiauliai.

So USA knows, how and where to turn a back to recieve a kiss, and also they know with whom they should cooperate constructivelly.

Do our heads of the country understand about all this situation? Do they turn only to Akmenu street?

Translation by Kristina Apanavičiūtė




  1. Lithuanians are stupid throat cutters. I haven’t seen such fractured society in such small geographic location anywhere else. Plus, 141 selected would do anything that benefit them personally.

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  2. first in a very misterious conference in Vilnius they kind of agry to transport everything through LT, later on they concenrate only on Garliava. And aba cadabra- everything goes throuth Latvia. Lithuania gets nothing. Because war operation in garliava is much more important then millions from NATO.

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    • Way too many errors in your short comment. You have a lot to learn. Check the spelling of “mysterious”, “agree”, “concentrate”, “abracadabra”, “through” (second occurrence). And if you can ask “When?”, then your answer is “Then”. But when comparing different values, you must be using “than” instead.

      But you did well, when compared to the horrible translation of the article by Miss Apanavičiūtė.

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