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Švietimo profesinės sąjungų pedagogų Vilniuje mitingas

2016-02-15 13:08 | Foto reportažai | Comments: (6)

Vilniuje Vinco Kudirkos aikštėje prie Vyriausybės pedagogų mitingas. KK nuotr.




  1. na,as tai niekaip nesuprantu tu visu streikuojanciu.Jie ka,anksciau,prie konservu,gaudavo tukstancius,kad nestreikavo?Idomu kodel tada tu algu uzteko,o kaip tik konservus nustume nuo lovio,taip ir mazai pasidare?

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  2. Oh, thank you so much for taking the time to add this comment. I had a lot of fun putting in all the little extras, and not many readers actually remark on them! So hooray! I’m glad yo;8r&217u#e having fun here.

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  3. Hi, I just diseevorcd your site through Google. Your post is truly relevant to my life right now, and I am definitely satisfied I came across your blog.

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  4. – I LOVE those cherries! We get a huge batch of them every summer from an uncle who owns an orchard and they are so difficult to phoptgraoh and still look that sweet red color! Mine always come out too dark and black looking. Lovely job!

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  5. O kurgi kitos profsąjungos, kodėl jos nepadeda pedagogams???
    Argi tai ne penktosios kolonos darbas ??

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    • Nice! It always good to see you going for a bold move like the hair and the patterned sus/tdreis. You can wear anything. Looking forward to more outfit photos. Can you have your photos taken somewhere in Central Park? Just a thought. Have fun! xx

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