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New Progressive Web App by Stakers comes on the scene

2017-11-16 22:27 | Important | Comments: – the iGaming operator presents its progressive web app for the smartphones. The application offers the opportunity to receive the sports updates continuously, it makes the betting process efficient irrespective to mobile network disruption. This PWA is characterized by the same speed as the native app, with no downloading required.

It is obvious, that nowadays the mobile communication role is expanding. OC&C Strategy Consultants in their report admit the increase up to 49% of e-commerce transactions by means of the smartphones in 2016, and the prospective numbers are going to achieve around 80% in 2019.

Michael Schmidt, company business development manager pointed out: “We are quite aware of continuous increase in the number of smartphones, for this reason I am delighted to announce the new technology build in house by excellent developer team of Stakers. Thanks to the user-friendly new features, the new app will serve as a reliable companion for our customers and guide them through their whole sports betting adventure from the moment they place a bet until they withdraw the winnings by their preferable payout method.”

In 2017 players expecting the applications without great loading time. During  prime time, the volume reaches up to 300 traded events with up to 1,400 odds per event. With the technological development, players are attracted by the possibility of obtaining touch with the online event updates using any mobile phone model.

“One should abandon relying on the same old tools we used in the pre-mobile era, because smartphones have dramatically changed the very nature of how we interact with the internet,” underlined Michael Schmidt. “Stakers’ highly proficient team is working to remove any hurdles deteriorating our customer’s betting experience. With mobile application score updates become sometimes available even faster than you might get them on your TV broadcasts”.

Using this app the player’s experience will increase as players may fully concentrate on their odds, rather than follow the match flow – all the scores are in the Stakers’ app..

The application offers the options such as to review a real time view on passed events, live event statistics as well as lineups. The event tracker follows the game with a tracker in tact with the action.

The new app is supported by all major mobile browsers on both platforms. “Our new mobile PWA is available on all mobile devices and tablets with Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera installed”, Schmidt said. “Our proprietary compression algorithm changes the game having the application fully stable even on the slowest networks”.

In order to attract more players and increase their betting experience the application provides not only the sports pre-match and live-in-play betting, but even casino, live casino, financial betting and many others. For the first time financial betting has been introduced by PWA, although such bets are placed without any delay.

Progressive Web Apps is a Google Corporation’s initiative taken to develop mobile network. PWA’s eliminate friction by using the web to deliver app-level experiences. In fact, Stakers is the first one in this field who introduced such a progressive mobile application. is licensed in Malta and regulated by the Maltese Gaming Authority. License number MGA/CL2/1306/2017.





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New Progressive Web App by Stakers comes on the scene – the iGaming operator presents its progressive web app for the smartphones....

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