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2020 August 11 Tuesday
More opportunities to buy a vehicle from abroad safely: Paysera launches an escrow service
The first collection scheme in the world to close the loop on electronic plastic waste
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Remote, safe and convenient access to digitised documents ensure efficient day to day operations for organizations


The Seimas approved the aid after quarantine: 1.4 million Lithuanians will benefit

The Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Lithuania: Russia has committed another act of its militarys aggression against Ukraine


Latvian company SPH Engineering helps locate aircraft buried under Greenland ice with the help of GPR and drone integrated system

The meeting of the Deputy Minister Foreign Affairs Oleg Kravchenko with the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Darius Skusevičius

Lithuania’s involvement in CIA secret detainee programme led it to commit multiple rights violations

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Toadying Lithuania and dignified Latvia: who gets more profit from USA? 6
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Speech at the plenary session of the Parliamentary assembly of the OSCE (21)
Vilnius, July 3, 2009 C. Alissandrakis, Communist Party of Greece There have been...

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